Rachel Notley“Rod Loyola is committed to working hard with and for the people of his community and he brings passion to the issues that matter most to families. He is dedicated to building a bright future for all citizens.” Rachel Notley, MLA for Edmonton Strathcona

Sarah Hoffman“Rod is an amazing advocate for his community and the people who live in it. He understands where we have come from and where we need to go. I’m confident that he will work hard to earn the nomination and I know that he would be a strong representative for us all.” Sarah Hoffman

David Eggen“Rod Loyola is a community leader with integrity, he is hardworking and dedicated to advocating for families, students, workers, and seniors in our community.” – David Eggen, MLA for Edmonton Calder

Waymatea Ellis“Rod Loyola is connected to the heartbeat of our community. His passion for people, vision for change, and his talent for tuning into our unique, local needs makes him a representative I can stand behind.” Waymatea Ellis, Lead Singer of JUNO Nominated group Souljah Fyah

Tanya Courthouse Steps“Rod Loyola understands the meaning of community and his approach to politics is rooted in that understanding. He actively participates and contributes to many communities which makes him an ideal candidate.” – Tanya Kappo, Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation

April Eve“Rod is a genuine and compassionate community leader with a heart of gold.” April Eve Medicine Spirt Dancer,  Organizer of the Stolen Sisters Awareness Movement

Guy Smith Endorsment“With his dedication to justice and equality combined with his tireless commitment as a community activist, I know that Rod Loyola will be an outstanding NDP MLA for the people of Edmonton-Ellerslie” – Guy Smith


More Endorsements for Rod Loyola

I have been observing Rod Loyola’s work in the community for some time now. He has demonstrated that he is articulate, passionate, dedicated and trustworthy. These traits are generally in short supply in politics but Rod has them in spades. I can think of no one better to champion both community and workers on the political front. I urge you to consider Rod Loyola as your representative to the Alberta Legislature.  Shane Bergdahl, Community Activist and Mill Woods Resident

“I was so excited when I learned that Rod was going to run for office in my riding. He’s well read, has alot of experience doing community work, and as a long-time Mill Woods resident as I am, he understands the issues that are most important to our community and our needs in our area. He is able to relate our local issues to the larger picture. He is also in it for the right reason, not to make a name for himself, not for the paycheque, but because he genuinely cares about our community and really hopes to make a difference by being elected to office.” – J. Gill, Resident of Mill Woods

“Having worked with Rod at the University of Alberta, I know that Rod lives and takes action at the pulse of community. From music to art, to engaging his family and friends in building community, to looking at the tougher issues – violence against women, human rights, and injustices to all – Rod lives his values every day.” – Lynn Sutankayo, Community Service Learning Program, University of Alberta

“I really like Rod. He’s keeping things positive. Perhaps the reason why so many people in his constituency are easily swayed to voting for him is because he has a good message, he believes in it and he is focusing more on that message than bashing “the other guys”. Keith MacDonnell, Past Resident of Mill Woods

“Rod is committed to his family, his friends and his community. He brings his passion for social justices and progressive values to everything he does. He works hard to make this province and country a better place for all the members of the community.” – Kevin Force, Community Organizer

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