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Volunteer with Alberta NDP Team Rod Loyola in Edmonton Ellerslie

Candidates cannot do it alone! Rod Loyola Lawn Sign

Volunteer for Team Rod Loyola and help another Alberta NDP candidate into the Alberta Legislature.

Volunteer Registration Form

We are looking for people with a variety of skills and varying degrees of knowledge when it comes to political campaigns.  If you’ve never volunteered for a campaign before, that is okay, we are dedicated to helping build capacity and train volunteers in a number of areas: strategic planning, event planning, data entry, public speaking, door knocking, public relations, communications, social media and more. Let us help build your skills as we work together to build a successful campaign.

Volunteer Registration Form

For more information please call 780-293-8496


In the mean time please help promote the campaign by inviting family, friends and community members to visit the following social media sites.  Please copy, paste and share on your own social media.

Elect Rod Loyola Facebook Page

Rod Loyola Twitter Page

Rod Loyola Blog Site

Towards a Just Economy

Towards a Just Economy
A bottom line that benefits all in our community
For years, “private enterprise” has tried to convince Canadians that the true goal of any economy is simply maximizing profits in all circumstances, especially for shareholders. You have probably heard others echoing these out-of-date ideas.  The truth is, that way of thinking is dangerous to our communities and our environment, and we must fight it in order to secure a healthy economic future for all Canadians.The time has come for all of us to work towards building a more sustainable future.  The time has come to work towards a multiple-bottom-line economy leaving the “greed is good” concept and culture behind.  A successful, just, green and equitable economy in which humanity develops and flourishes is not only what we need, but what we must demand.I want to organize and fight alongside you to build a strong community, a strong economy, and a bright and sustainable future for our families and future generations. Join the NDP today and demand a just economy that benefits us all!

And let us remember the words of Fredrick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never has and it never will.”