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Volunteer with Alberta NDP Team Rod Loyola in Edmonton Ellerslie

Candidates cannot do it alone! Rod Loyola Lawn Sign

Volunteer for Team Rod Loyola and help another Alberta NDP candidate into the Alberta Legislature.

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We are looking for people with a variety of skills and varying degrees of knowledge when it comes to political campaigns.  If you’ve never volunteered for a campaign before, that is okay, we are dedicated to helping build capacity and train volunteers in a number of areas: strategic planning, event planning, data entry, public speaking, door knocking, public relations, communications, social media and more. Let us help build your skills as we work together to build a successful campaign.

Volunteer Registration Form

For more information please call 780-293-8496


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Rod Loyola to become Alberta NDP Candidate for Edmonton-Ellerslie

18 JUNE 2014



Edmonton, Alberta

Rod Loyola, President of the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) at the University of Alberta and community organizer, will be running for the Alberta NDP in the electoral riding of Edmonton-Ellerslie in preparation for the next provincial election, a seat he previously ran for in the 2012 provincial election. He will receive the nomination as the NDP candidate by acclamation at the Edmonton-Ellerslie District Association meeting on June 18, 2014.

Loyola has been actively involved in many advocacy issues in recent years, from NASA’s campaign calling for the Progressive Conservative (PC) government to restore funding for post-secondary education in Alberta to the adamant calls for the PC government to abandon Bills 9 and 10, which affects the pension plans of public sector workers. Loyola plans to continue voicing Albertans’ concerns for a secure future, particularly for those most vulnerable. “Responsible management of the province’s resources is the key issue as we move forward into the next election. We need people of integrity to act on behalf of Albertans as we move forward towards a sustainable future for all,” says Loyola.

Rod Loyola aims to change the dynamics of politics: fair royalties, a progressive taxation system, a vibrant economy driven by creative entrepreneurs, and a diverse, skilled labour force will ensure job security, retirement security, a publicly funded health care system, and a properly funded education system. He is passionate about engaging communities in deciding Alberta’s direction and providing genuine spaces for true consultation with citizens.

“Rod is an amazing advocate for his community and the people who live in it. He understands where we have come from and where we need to go. I’m confident that he will work hard and would be a strong representative for us all.” Sarah Hoffman, Edmonton Public School Board Trustee, Ward G

To Rod, people come first. A just economy is achievable. The resources of this province belong to us all. It’s time for all Albertans to take control.


Media contact:

Diana Keto
Communications Officer
Rod Loyola Campaign
Tel: 780-292-2048

Building the Alberta NDP

Dear community,

As some of you may know, at the last Alberta NDP Convention I was acclaimed as the Vice-President for the Edmonton Region along with Peggy Wright who was elected to represent Edmonton. I take this responsibility very seriously. It’s important to build the Alberta NDP as we prepare for the next Alberta General Election but more importantly for the many years to come if we hope to gain more New Democrat MLAs in the Legislature. For this reason I have decided not to seek the Federal NDP nomination as planned and to focus on building the Alberta NDP instead. It was a difficult decision to make. There are a number of federal issues that I have been actively involved in for many years; however, there are provincial issues that are just as important, healthcare and Education and the potential privatization of each by the PCs and Wildrose being just a couple that deserve our focus.

In my new role with the party I hope to work with many of you to build on achievements that have been established to date. There are a couple of initiatives we are recruiting volunteers for, the most immediate is to form a team to table at community and labour events in Edmonton. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please get in touch with me by emailing me at

In solidarity always,

Rod Loyola