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Leadership for What Matters

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Together with Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley we are building a better Alberta.  On May 5th, 2015 put yourselves and the Alberta NDP in the driver's seat. It's time to take control.
Together with Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley we are building a better Alberta. On May 5th, 2015 put yourselves and the Alberta NDP in the driver’s seat. It’s time to take control.

The Biggest Myth of All

While crisscrossing the province for the last few months, I’ve been listening to all kinds of people tell me about their hopes and their ideas and their fears. It’s a leader’s job to solve problems, especially whatever people fear. And sometimes, the reason they’re afraid is shifty people on a shifty payroll that have been feeding them big, fat lies.

And the biggest doozy I’ve heard, repeated to me by people who are genuinely afraid for their jobs and their future, is that the Alberta NDP won’t protect their jobs in the oil and gas sector.

So let’s set the record straight, and wash away these oily lies once and for all.

If you work for a living, we are your party. Not the party of millionaires and billionaires who lay you off and fire you to buy an extra yacht. We’re the party of the people who actually make this province run by the strength of their own hands and work ethic, some of whom are working two jobs just to make the rent. Some of those families are struggling to keep up with the mortgage or pay for their kids’ education but with a dwindling pension to look forward to.

The Alberta NDP is working day and night for good paying jobs, jobs with dignity so that Albertans can feed their families, plan their futures, save for retirement, and take a vacation while they’re healthy enough to enjoy it. We’re the party of real folks with real concerns about why they’re working so hard but still going further into debt. And we’re the party with real plans to make their work and lives better.

The PCs and Wildrosers say they love law and order. But when it comes to law and order for oil & gas, and making those billionaires pay modest royalties for becoming the wealthiest people on the planet, suddenly the PC-Wildrosers become bleeding heart conservatives. They cry and whine for poor billionaires, but they can’t answer the telephone to address your family’s needs. The PC-Wildrosers would have you think that requiring billionaires to stop picking our royalties-pockets will make them cut and run, and abandon all the Albertans whose sweat made them rich right here. But not even billionaires can pack all that oil into a truck and disappear into the night, not even if Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith are taking turns at the wheel. So they’re not going anywhere.

And that’s because unlike the PC-Wildrosers, governments in the rest of the world don’t give oily lip-service to their citizens when it comes to the oil wealth of their birthright. Around the world, some of these same corporations are paying up to 75 cents on the dollar, and they’re still making billions! So how much do PC-Wildrosers think is fair? Nine cents. That’s right. In other places, oil billionaires hand over most of the wealth that actually belongs to the citizens. But PC-Wildrosers want you stuck with candy money. They don’t want you to know about world royalty standards, because they want their mega-rich oil friends and the oily lobbyists who work for them to keep on keeping all your money. Why buy the Alberta cow when you can get the oil for free? Meanwhile they want you, the real people doing the real work of Alberta, living paycheque to paycheque with the highest household debt and anxiety in Canadian history.

But here’s the good news. The Alberta NDP has a plan. Develop Alberta oil sustainably. Keep Albertans’ wealth in Albertans’ pockets, not in billionaires’ bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Our plan will keep tradespeople working for years and years, and create the post-oil, high-tech economy of the future. The PC-Wildrosers just want to rip it and ship it. They don’t know what leadership is. But they know what servicing billionaires is, because that’s their real job. The Alberta NDP knows we need to make the future today. For all of us. Our plan makes a prosperous Alberta for all blue collar and white collar workers and their families by modernising royalty collection and investing our money back into a renewable resource, 21st century technological future.

So please, the next time lobbyists, special interests, think tanks, and other professional falsifiers working for billionaires try to tell you that the NDP will hurt jobs, tell them that they’re crude liars. They’ve mucked up our oil wealth by handing over the safety deposit box key to billionaires. I’ll help get that key back. Together we’re going to build an economy with dignified jobs and a world-class standard of living for you and your loved ones. The PC-Wildrosers want you to think about everything except who’s paying them to keep quiet about selling out your future. We want you to work with us to build the future into the best it can possibly be.


Ask Your MP to vote NO on Bill C-377

What is Bill C-377 all about? 

This bill, titled “An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (requirements for labour organizations),” in my opinion, is a waste of taxpayers money. With over 25,000 unions and labour organizations in Canada, the government will have to spend huge amounts of money to process the financial information that Bill C-377 requires to be disclosed.

What’s this bill really about?

The purpose of this Bill is to require unions to make their finances public, including assets, liabilities, and expenses. However, unions already provide this information to their members through financial audits, reports, and regular membership meetings. According to UFCW, the Conservatives want their corporate friends to have access to this information so that they can undermine unions. They further state that the additional accounting costs to benefit and pension plans will mean less funding for benefit and pension plan payouts to members. For unions, the bill will make less funding available for sponsoring community events, charitable organizations, and amateur sports.

I couldn’t agree more with the UFCW. I would further state, that the Conservative government wants to make it more and more difficult for grassroots movements to mobilize through already existing collective institutions like unions.

Find out more details: NDP Alexandre Boulerice’s Comments on Bill C-377 on December 7th in the House of Commons


Please contact your Member of Parliament now and ask them to vote NO on Bill C-377.

If you are not 100% sure in which riding you live in, click here?

If you live in the riding of Edmonton Mill Woods-Beaumont contact Mike Lake:

Constituency Office:
9225-28 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB   T6N 1N1

Phone: 780.495.2149
Toll-Free: 1.866.488.0919
Fax: 780.495.2147

Don’t forget you can send him a tweet @MikeLakeMP

It’s time the Conservatives know exactly how you feel.

FIPA: Whose Interest? Not Ours!

Conservative MPs such as Mike Lake continuously claim that they are acting in the best interests of Canadians, but his constituents see his actions and are doubting the authenticity behind those statements. At a recent roundtable discussion he hosted, a number of constituents of Edmonton Mill Woods-Beaumont pushed him and questioned his party’s direction on the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). The public voiced their concern and doubts, and I couldn’t agree with them more. Mr. Lake do you represent your constituents or your party’s ideology?

See, FIPA is much like NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.  Like NAFTA, the Canada-China FIPA will continue to challenge Canadian sovereignty and negatively impact us as citizens. How exactly? Chinese investors would be able to sue for billions of dollars in potential damages if they claim they were treated unfairly by any of the three levels of government; federal, provincial or municipal.  That means if any of our policies, including environmental protection policies, inhibit them from making a profit, Chinese firms will be able to sue. In short, FIPAs will protect foreign interests, rather than the interests of the Canadian people. The Canadian taxpayers have been in this predicament before, many times over in fact. In lawsuits filed by US companies under NAFTA, you, and the rest of the citizens of Canada have had to pay out approximately $157 million dollars. However, the Conservatives don’t care, it’s not “big business” that has to pay for it, it’s the average Canadian family that shoulders the burden!

Although Mike Lake and his fellow Conservatives claim to have our interests in mind; the truth is they are protecting the interests of corporations and large investors. Not us.  The Canada-China FIPA focuses on safeguarding Canadian investors in China, and then stating that Canadians are getting a bigger piece of the pie, which is not the case.  According to Ian Lee, a trade expert at Carleton University, “Canadian businesses have been pushing for years for a FIPA agreement with China to reduce the risks of investing in a country where opportunities are boundless, but corruption is rife. This is to protect Canadian capitalists when they go into China.” I couldn’t have stated it any better or more honestly myself.

It’s obvious that Mike Lake supports and protects big business investments in foreign lands, and is fine with allowing them collect unlimited profits (I’ll leave Canada’s track record regarding foreign investment and human rights for another time). He falsely argues that some of those dollars will trickle down to hard working Canadians like you and me.  Don’t be fooled though, an economy that drips is nothing compared to an economy that flows and Conservatives like Mike Lake have always catered to those that line their pockets at election time.  Conservatives allow and encourage big business and foreign investment to control our economy and it’s time we said, “Enough is enough.”  As Canadians, we currently work for their economy, when in fact the Canadian economy should work for all of us.

We can change this, and create an economy that represents the best interests of Canadians -not corporations and not foreign investors. It’s what you deserve, and what we should demand. Join and work with me and the NDP to take this message to Ottawa on behalf of all constituents in Edmonton Mill Woods-Beaumont.


Always at your service,

Rod Loyola