Thank you! Letter to the Constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie

Dear constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie, I owe you all an immense debt of gratitude for putting your faith and hope into Alberta’s NDP, Leader Rachel Notley, and myself to represent you in the Legislature. Due to each and every one of you who cast a ballot for our party, politics in Alberta will start toContinue reading “Thank you! Letter to the Constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie”

Candidates Forum @ T.D. Baker School

The Social Capital Coalition gave us a great opportunity to have an all-candidates forum for Edmonton-Ellerslie at TD Baker School, which the NDP and PC candidates accepted. At this debate, Rod stressed the importance of lower tax rates for small businesses, a small corporate tax increase for large businesses, protecting and fully funding public health care, andContinue reading “Candidates Forum @ T.D. Baker School”

Election Day Volunteers Needed

Hello everyone, please help share this message on social media and help recruit volunteers for E-day. Suggest that they volunteer for the campaign and complete the electronic form. Dear Edmonton Ellerslie Constituents and friends, We are 9 days away from the most important election in a long time. Team Loyola is moving into Election DayContinue reading “Election Day Volunteers Needed”

Early Provincial Election Right Around the Corner

By now I am sure that all of you have heard that eight Wildrose MLAs, including Leader Daniel Smith, have joined the Progressive Conservative caucus to be part of the governing party. We can all agree that it is a sham, especially considering that in the 2012 provincial election people voted for the PCs onlyContinue reading “Early Provincial Election Right Around the Corner”

The Biggest Myth of All

While crisscrossing the province for the last few months, I’ve been listening to all kinds of people tell me about their hopes and their ideas and their fears. It’s a leader’s job to solve problems, especially whatever people fear. And sometimes, the reason they’re afraid is shifty people on a shifty payroll that have beenContinue reading “The Biggest Myth of All”

Volunteer with Alberta NDP Team Rod Loyola in Edmonton Ellerslie

Candidates cannot do it alone! Volunteer for Team Rod Loyola and help another Alberta NDP candidate into the Alberta Legislature. Volunteer Registration Form We are looking for people with a variety of skills and varying degrees of knowledge when it comes to political campaigns.  If you’ve never volunteered for a campaign before, that is okay,Continue reading “Volunteer with Alberta NDP Team Rod Loyola in Edmonton Ellerslie”