Thank you! Letter to the Constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie

Dear constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie,

I owe you all an immense debt of gratitude for putting your faith and hope into Alberta’s NDP, Leader Rachel Notley, and myself to represent you in the Legislature. Due to each and every one of you who cast a ballot for our party, politics in Alberta will start to transform and bring hope to all Albertans, regardless of who they voted for.  As we begin to move forward, we will implement the policy changes highlighted in our party’s platform and follow through with our vision.

This is an important time for Alberta. A great opportunity lays before us as representatives to engage in meaningful consultation with our constituents and focus on overcoming the challenges we are currently experiencing, while at the same time recognizing what parts of the system already work for all Albertans. It cannot be stated enough: I am here to serve you. I am here to listen to you, to help identify solutions to our common issues, and to implement those changes in the best interest of all our communities.

As we all move forward together, I will approach my role through building genuine relationships focused on strengthening our communities. I am eager to get to work and to continue building unity among members of this constituency, so that together we may increase engagement and participation in our democracy.

It is with a humble heart that I again thank you for the confidence you have placed in me by electing me to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.  You have voted for change, and Rachel Notley and I, along with many other great MLAs, plan on delivering that change.

Yours Truly,

Rod Loyola
Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Published by rodloyola

Alberta NDP MLA for Edmonton-Ellerslie, father of two, community focused. I'm ready to work with you to change Alberta for the better.

One thought on “Thank you! Letter to the Constituents of Edmonton Ellerslie

  1. I am excited and happy that you are my new MLA Rod! I am so relieved that we have an entirely new, open minded, fair minded and reasonable government. I look forward to seeing you again. -Jeff Oliver

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