Candidates Forum @ T.D. Baker School

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The Social Capital Coalition gave us a great opportunity to have an all-candidates forum for Edmonton-Ellerslie at TD Baker School, which the NDP and PC candidates accepted. At this debate, Rod stressed the importance of lower tax rates for small businesses, a small corporate tax increase for large businesses, protecting and fully funding public health care, and giving seniors better options for home care.

Published by rodloyola

Alberta NDP MLA for Edmonton-Ellerslie, father of two, community focused. I'm ready to work with you to change Alberta for the better.

One thought on “Candidates Forum @ T.D. Baker School

  1. I hope Rod will win. I have come to respect him over the years. I have met him at various events and was impressed by his ethics. He genuinely cares about people and holds on to his principles. I still remember once when I was grocery shopping I overheard him say to his kids why he wouldn’t buy them a specific brand of Yogourt because of the company ethics (I will spare the readers the details of it). That was more than 7 years ago and I still remember it to this day. He didn’t know me but I remember him from a past event I attended.
    I have much respect for him.

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