Omnibus Bill C-4, Another Attack on Canadian Values

With omnibus Bill C-4 the conservatives are yet again pushing through policies having nothing to do with the budget.  Bill C-4 includes changes having to do with the Mackenzie Valley Gas Project, and Public Service Labour Relations to name a few. Similar to omnibus Bills C-38, C-45, and C-60, the Conservatives are changing the face of Canada and most importantly the values that we hold dear as Canadians.

If passed this potential piece of legislation could significantly weaken the ability of employees to refuse to work in dangerous conditions. It grants virtually all health and safety powers to the minister. This concentration of power in the hands of one minister is very dangerous.

When the Conservatives attack the Canada Labour Code, they are attacking what Canadians worked hard to build over the years, the struggle for healthier and safer work conditions. This is the opposite of progress. This is a step backwards and we as Canadians should be very concerned. Instead of protecting Canadians from having to work in situations that expose them to unacceptable risks, they are nullifying existing legislations that protect us.

This is yet another example of how Conservative policies affect your daily life.

Please contact your MP today and let them know that omnibus Bill C-4 is unacceptable.

Photograph by Tim Caynes

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