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Ask Your MP to vote NO on Bill C-377

What is Bill C-377 all about? 

This bill, titled “An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (requirements for labour organizations),” in my opinion, is a waste of taxpayers money. With over 25,000 unions and labour organizations in Canada, the government will have to spend huge amounts of money to process the financial information that Bill C-377 requires to be disclosed.

What’s this bill really about?

The purpose of this Bill is to require unions to make their finances public, including assets, liabilities, and expenses. However, unions already provide this information to their members through financial audits, reports, and regular membership meetings. According to UFCW, the Conservatives want their corporate friends to have access to this information so that they can undermine unions. They further state that the additional accounting costs to benefit and pension plans will mean less funding for benefit and pension plan payouts to members. For unions, the bill will make less funding available for sponsoring community events, charitable organizations, and amateur sports.

I couldn’t agree more with the UFCW. I would further state, that the Conservative government wants to make it more and more difficult for grassroots movements to mobilize through already existing collective institutions like unions.

Find out more details: NDP Alexandre Boulerice’s Comments on Bill C-377 on December 7th in the House of Commons


Please contact your Member of Parliament now and ask them to vote NO on Bill C-377.

If you are not 100% sure in which riding you live in, click here?

If you live in the riding of Edmonton Mill Woods-Beaumont contact Mike Lake:

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It’s time the Conservatives know exactly how you feel.